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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Three days in Eger

Day 1.

You should start discovering Eger right on the famous, Baroque style main square of the town, on Dobó square having a Mediterranean touch in summer, while in winter is couls be even a setting to a Grimm fairy tale. On one side of it the Minorite church dominates the square, you should enter it and see one of the nicest Baroque churches of Europe.          

Make a circle in the downtown starting up on Dobó street. From here you should head for the square of Border Castle Warriors via Szúnyogköz and find the statue of the writer, Géza Gárdonyi and do not miss to notice that the Baroque buildings on the opposite side are all of different colours. Turning into one of the twisty little streets (Szent János street or Érsek street) you will get to the main street of the town, Széchenyi street. It is worth taking a walk here as well, the bulidings dating back to the 17th-18th centuries are decorated with nice gates or name plates. On the keystone of a building the date is 1773, will you find it?          

Arrange the sightseeing according to your liking: Archbishop's Palace and Visitor Centre, the Basilica (the second largest cathedral of the country), the Lyceum (Now Eszterházy Károly University) opposite the Basilica. The recently renovated Baroque building is impressive on its own but it is worth discovering the Observatory and the Archdiocese Library as well.                    

When you are in Eger, you must taste the wines of Eger! Visiting Szépasszony-valley (Valley of the Beautiful Woman), just 15 minutes walk from the city centre is one of the best programmes in Eger in the evening. Cosy cellars of special atmosphere, joyfulness, leafy environs and excellent wines are waiting for you. If you get hungry, have a dinner in Ködmön csárda or pre-book a dinner with winetasting in one of the cellars.

Day 2.

After breakfast you should start your discovery walk in Eger Castle. The Castle Museum named by István Dobó is the second visited castle museum of Hungary, since those visitin Eger must see the venue of Géza Gárdonyi's novel. Take your time to look around in the castle, visit the Hall of the Heroes, the Gothic Palace, the Wax Museum and the recently renovated casemates (underground corridors)! The experience is more authentic if you walk around with a tourguide to listen to his stories.

After lunch you may feel like having a dessert. Near Kopcsik Marcipánia in the sweet shop you are waited by hand-made truffels, marcipan, bonbons and naturally the museum showing the works of Lajos Kopcsik world famous confectioner. In the Baroque room everything but the mirror is made of sugar, it is hard to believe our eyes!

Depending on the weather you must try bathing in Eger, it is very different from anywhere else!

Walk along the bank of the stream and after 5-10-minute walk you will get to the entrance of the Archbishop's Garden, where you can decide if you would like to have a bath in the Turkish Bath or choose the Thermal Bath adjoined to it.

In the Turkish Bath you are rather waited by wellness and massage while the Thermal Bath is a bath with  civic milieu in the heart of the town with 7 different pools, medicinal water, a water-castle for the children and naturally3 exciting slides, several indoor and adventure pools, water massage provide nice pastime.

Day 3. 

Take a trip to the region and discover the little settlements, villages and their hidden values!

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