Like in many cities around the world, Bird's community e-scooters are available in Eger also.

How to Bird?

  1. Download the free Bird app.
  2. Register and enable location tracking.
  3. Use the map in the Bird app to find your closest Bird.
  4. To start your ride, scan the Bird’s QR code with your app. Hit the throttle on the right to go and pull the brakes to slow. 

Follow all local traffic rules, and enjoy the ride in Eger!

Eger Bringa

The community bicycle system is currently operating in a test mode, with a total of 20 bicycles and 2 collection stations.

How It Works?

  1. Sign up
  2. Buy a ticket
  3. Rent a bike
  4. Take it back to a collection station

Details at

Sightseeing train

Eger, Egészségház utca

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The sightseeing open-deck train seating 36 persons runs in good weather in the summer while in the winter and in bad weather visitors can travel in a 15-person covered train.

The train stops at two places, one is in the city centre, in Klapka György street, close to Érsekkert (Archbishop’s Garden), while the other stop is in Szépasszony-valley (Valley of the Beautiful Woman).


The price of parking in the downtown depends on zones. For longer time it is worth leaving your car in free parking lots not far from the city centre.

Parking houses:

  • Katona square (electric charging possibility + tourist pass) (6-22)
  • Kertész street 28. (electric charging possibility + tourist pass) (0-24)
  • Törvényház street 4. (under Agria Park Shopping Centre) (0-24)

Free parking:

  • at the crossroads of Ady Endre street - Hadnagy street (bus parking as well)
  • on road 25, next to Kisasszony cemetery
  • at the crossroads of Malom street - Malomárok street

Electricity charging points

  • between Kallómalom street 62. and 68.
  • crossroads of Bródy Sándor street – Városfal street
  • crossroads of Hadnagy street – Mocsáry Lajos street
  • II. Rákóczi Ferenc street 96. (Penny Market)
  • II. Rákóczi Ferenc street 100. (Tesco)
  • II. Rakóczi Ferenc street 141. (Lidl)
  • Katona square (in the parking house)
  • Kertész street 28. (in the parking house)
  • Klapka György street 5.
  • Knézich Károly street (northern section next to Tűzoltó square)
  • Mátyás király street 138. (Aldi)
  • Mátyás király street 139. (Penny Market)
  • Mátyás király street 144. (Lidl)
  • Sas utca 1. (Spar)
  • Vincellériskola street 15.

City Taxi Eger

City Taxi has been working in Eger since 1983, it is the biggest taxi company having the biggest number of vehicles with around 40 cars waiting for orders. Every car is of „A” category, big size with air conditioning (one space, limusine, estate cars, one space for 7 persons)

Central taxi rank:

  • Fellner Jakab street

Free telephone:

  • +3680622622

Local public transport

Tickets can be purchased on getting on from the driver for 350 HUF or in advance in Tourinform office for 255 HUF. One ticket is valid for a single uninterrupted journey.

Railway station

Eger, Állomás tér 1.

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The indoor waiting hall of the railway station is open from Monday to Sunday from 03:04 to 22:40 hours.

Available services:

  • Online connection with the international seat reservation system
  • Inland ticket sales
  • International ticket sales
  • Lost property office

Railway timetable:

Coach station

Eger, Barkóczy út 2.

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The coach station can be found in the city centre of Eger, every long distance coach leaves and arrives here.

Available services:

  • Local ticket and travel pass sales to Eger
  • Information on national, regional and Heves county timetables
  • Information on travel regulations, fares and public transportation services
  • Lost property service
  • Public toilet
  • Bufet

Coach timetable:

Car rent and roadside assistance

Are you having your holiday in Eger or its surroundings, but want to look around in the vicinity on your own? We are at your service! Rent a car from us! We will deliver the ordered car to you at the required time and will take it back as well.

You can use our roadside and transportation services in Hungary and abroad as well 24 hours a day. In case your car cannot be repaired alongside the road or got damaged in accident, number + 36 30 9-58-58-92 is NON-STOP available from any telephone provider. Our colleague will arrange your car to be delivered in a garage or any destination assigned by you in the shortest possible time.

Further information: