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Thermal Bath


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Eger Thermal Bath is one of the nicest town baths of the country with 3 entrances, a 5 hectare area, 13 pools and thousands of adventures. Because, just like Eger among the towns, the bath of Eger is also a special feature among the baths.  

Even its location is worth mentioning, since the bath is located in the heart of Eger, right next to the historic city centre. Just have a glass of wine on the main square, make up your mind and after a 5-minute leisure walk you can plash in the cooling water. And what water, what environs...

Let's meet at the "pebbly"

The other speciality of the bath is thermal water: You must visit pool No. 1 fed by its own spring! The water is pleasantly cool,  smooth and silky, the favourite of the locals. The name comes from the pebbly bottom part of the pool, where medicinal water with radon content can continuously bubble up from. If you look at the locals carefully, no wonder that even the elderly look youngish. 

Special and colourful experiences

Some steps from "pebbly pool" we can find a decorative pool with warm water and a water massage having Italian Renaissance atmosphere with water lilies, cascade, shells - a real photo topic. On the southern part of the bath there is a swimming pool, a children pool and a pool with slide to choose from, but also a bathhouse and a partly covered adventure pool can be found here, in case we happen to come in bad weather. Do not think you have seen everything even if all the pools have been tried.  From the bath there is a direct access to the Turkish Bath, you must try it as well!

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