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Atmosphere of the good old times - Bükkszék

Bükkszék is a fairy-tale village in relatively unspoilt environment at the western part of the Bükk mountains, built on Salvus medicinal water. If you like bathing, you must try the enlarged medicinal bath and swimming pool renovated in 2012, which, besides the special pools with Salvus water, is waiting for visitors with children- and adventure pools and one of the longest slides in the country. The swimming pool of Bükkszék recalls the happy 80s in its atmosphere, all this is with renewed infrastructure and services. Thanks to the lot of trees, the unlimited use of slides and the medicinal water it is a popular destination for families. While the kids are swimming and using the slides with the parents, the grandparents can get healed in the special, valuable medicinal water.                                                                                         

The effect of Salvus water                                                                                  

In 1937 oil was searched in the settlement and great medicinal water was found.  Even the name is meaningful: salvus means - health. Local people use it for almost everything nowadays: sitting bath, drinking cure, inhalation in case of flu. The water is unique in the world, it is medicinal water with very high dissolved mineral salt content bursting up to the surface from 540 m below. It is mostly recommended for motorous complaints, female problems, metabolic and digestive illnesses, although it is also beneficial for healthy people thanks to its high halogen content. Even if you are as fit as a fiddle dip a little in the velvety smooth water having interesting smell, just for fun.  

Other speciality: Even those having sensitive skin can have a bath in Bükkszék bath, because the water in the Bathhouse is antisepticized without chlor.

The bath can be visited all year round independently of the weather, because in the main building an adventure pool, a children pool, inhalatorium, a wellness section and medical pools are waiting for the visitors.

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