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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Observatory in the Bükk National Park


Webpage bukkicsillagda.hu
Email bukkicsillagda@bnpi.hu
Phone +36309651874

Opening hours

Actual info bukkicsillagda.hu/hu/nyitvatartas

Ticket prices

Actual prices bukkicsillagda.hu/hu/jegyvasarlas

Distance from Eger: 25 km

A special science education and demonstration center in the Bükk National Park.

The complex program is 2 hours long. In this program, visitors can view the exhibit, the dome and watch a movie at the planetarium.

The basic astronomy program is great complemented by VR games, for which a separate ticket must be exchanged.

Travel options from Eger to the "Observatory in the Bükk National Park":

  Travel time Information
Auto ~ 30 minutes -
Coach ~ 48 minutes volanbusz.hu

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