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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

One day in Eger

It is easy to spend a week in Eger since the town, the Valley of the Beautiful Woman and the region offers a lot of different sights and adventures.

If you have only one day to see the town, here is the offer of Tourinform office of the sights and events you must see and experience:

You should start the walk at the Basilica, the second largest cathedral of Hungary, walk up the steps bordered by statues by Marco Casagrande and admire this Neo-classicist piece of art inaguarated  in 1836 inside as well.

Opposite the Basilica is the building of Eszterházy Károly University, that is the Lyceum. The Baroque style- almost 300-year-old building hosts several points of interest: here can be found the Archdiocesian Library, the Observatory and Camera Obscura, named also dark room with the oldest "panorama projector" of the continent. The magic tower can be an exciting programme for children and adults interested in physical and chemical experiments. From the terrace on the top of the building a breath-taking view opens onto the town. This programme takes about one hour.

You should walk along Széchenyi street, it is the main street, the promenade of the town with lots of cafes, restaurants, but it is also worth having a look at the architectural style of the buildings, because fascinating signs of Baroque style can be noticed on the facades, gates, windows.

From Széchenyi street any street on the right goes to Dobó square, the main square of the town with the statue of István Dobó, the legendary hero of the town holding his sword high. The monument is the work of Alajos Stróbl paying a worthy tribute to the victory in 1552, which stopped the advance of the Ottoman army for years. On Dobó square it is worth visiting the highest Baroque church of Eger, the Minorite church.

Facing the statue you can see the square of Border Castle Warriors on the left, so walk over the bridge there, too, it is about history as well.

Facing the statue of the Border Castle Warriors, go along the little street, Szúnyog köz, on the right and you will get to Pasha's Tent. It is worth having a glimpse into this egzotic place and if you feel like and have time, taste a real Turkish delicacy or drink a nice coffee made on hot sand.

If you choose castlewall walk not only can you soon get up to the castle but you will have a great view of the town as well. In the castle you must see the Casemates (underground corridors) exhibition where Eger in the 16th century and the time of the siege come to life. Depending on your interest the programme takes 1.5-3 hours.

You can get back to Dobó square if you leave the castle on the southern gate and walk along Dobó street. Have a nice lunch or a meal in one of the restaurants, cafes. If you have time, you should not miss out Szépasszony-völgy (the Valley of the Beautiful Woman) to taste some nice wine from Eger.

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