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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Bike across the town!

The length of the route is 9 kms    

Difficulty: easy  

Departure: The crossing of Road No. 25 and Kőlyuk street    

Next to the main road you can leisurely cycle to the railway station. From here you can choose from two destinations, either going on to the north or turning to the direction of Szépasszony-valley (Valley of the Beautiful Woman).        

If you choose the way to the north, you will get to Érsekkert (Archbishop's Garden). Cycle along the bicycle path along the stream and enjoy the shade under the chestnut trees. If you are with a child a stopover at the playground in the park could be a good idea.      

Leaving the park and going on along the bicycle path you will get to the city centre. Have a stop on the main square, cosy restaurants, cafes, in summer a real Mediterranean atmosphere is waiting for the visitors here. Going to the north your route will go along the sream, then you can cycle passing nice flowery meadows as far as the road sign: one way goes to Felnémet where you will get to a playground in a pleasant environment, the other shows the direction to Felsőtárkány. The latter one is 10 more kilometres of riding, also on a separated bicycle path.

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