Approaching Eger by car

When coming by car you can approach Eger easily, fast, on good quality roads

Arriving from motorway M3 ( toll must be paid)

The main „entrance” to the town is from the South, from motorway M3. When coming from this direction either from Budapest or Nyíregyháza direction, leave the motorway at Füzesabony, and from here you can get to Eger on roads 33 • 3 • 25. From the motorway road signs show the direction to Eger, just follow them, no need to watch the road numbers. Eger is only 20 kms from the motorway.

Arriving from road 3 (toll free)

Main road 3 runs paralles with motorway M3, which can be used toll free. When coming from the direction of  Budapest, leave road 3 in Kerecsend village to road 25 which goes straight to the city of Eger. In case you come from the direction of  Miskolc, leave main road 3  at Mezőkövesd town. From here road signs show the way to Eger.

Arriving from the direction of Slovakia (toll free road)

When coming from the North, from the direction of Slovakia, take main road 25. It takes you from the Slovakian border to the centre of Eger, which is 55 kms from the border. Main road 25 runs across the Bükk mountains which is one of the nicest regions of Hungary. The road is of good quality, easy to drive, however, it is winding.

Soon a dual carriageway is to run to Eger

A new dual carriageway is being built to Eger, road M25, connecting Eger directly with motorway M3. The town will be accesible on road M25 on 2x2 lanes at 110 km/hour maximum speed, by the construction of which the journey time Eger and Budapest is reduced by about 15 minutes. The road will be completed by the end of 2020.

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