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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Approaching Eger by bicycle

Eger has favourable bicycle infrastructure, the town is a popular destination with active tourists

Bicycles can be transported in Hungary by train, on coaches it is not possible. Bicycle transport on trains is subject to extra fee.

By bicycle in the town

In Eger you have the opportunity to bike along the bike  road and discover the whole city this way. Have a ride and if you feel like it, bike further to the Bükk mountains! At busy roads there are separated bike roads so even the small ones can enjoy it safe! The most interesting part of the road is near Dobó square where you can bike really on the coast of Eger-stream. We recomment to try it!

Eurovelo 14

Route Eurovelo 14 –Eger is to be joined -  is planned to be built.

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