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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Let us go to Felsőtárkány

Difficulty: Medium

Ascent: 110 m

Start from: Eger, Dobó square

From Dobó square the first part of the 13-km trip goes along the bank of the stream across the housing estate with block of flats built in the Communist era. Having left Felnémet you can ride all the way on built bicycle road from which thw view is excellent on the vineyards of the famous Eger wine region and the Bükk mountains

After the Felsőtárkány sign there is a medium hard, steadily rising section, but after it you are in the middle of an oak wood from which you can easily rush down to the destination, the lake, which is a popular relaxing place. Once you are here, you can have a barbeque, picnic, children can play on the playground. The lake is excellent for anglers. The narrow gauge train  with open carriages starts from the neighbourhood. During the hiking lots of natural beauties can be inspected: the very unique Vöröskő-spring, you can pick mushrooms or a mini game reserve can be visited at Egeres-völgy Varróház stop of the train.

If you feel hungry, you can get to Sziklafogadó Restaurant (3324 Felsőtárkány, Fő street 313. ), where you can have fish, game, pork, beef, poultry, salads and desserts

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