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Distance from Eger: 7 km

Noszvaj is situated at the southern gate of the Bükk mountains, 7 km from Eger in the picturesque valley of Kánya stream. The settlement of two thousand inhabitants is full of nice and interesting attractions.

De la Motte mansion

De la Motte mansion is the most valuable gem of Noszvaj, the smallest Barogue mansion of the country featuring also Late-Baroque style.  It was designed by Jakab Fellner and built in 1774-78. An English garden with special ornamental bushes and trees also belongs to the mansion, there is even a playground here in the shadow of huge pine trees.

Address: 3325 Noszvaj, Dobó István str. 10.

Cave dwellings

Cave dwellings cut into rhiolite tuff appeared at very many places at the foot of the Bükk mountains at the beginning of the 19th century. The estate at the south-eastern part of the village is uninhabited now, but is waiting for visitors as an art-camp.

Address: Noszvaj, Honvéd str. 37, 3325


The two lakes artificially dammed in the 1930s is situated next to Saint Imre spring in the northern part of Noszva. The upper lake attracts visitors, tourists for boating, water paddling, the lower one for angling and the meadow invites people for picknick.  Várkút: Starting from Síkfőkút following the green tour signs you will get to the very popular Várkút at the bottom of 669m-high Várhegy-hill where a Tourist shelter and a spacey meadow waits for tourists wanting to relax.

Reformed church

The present church was built after the former church from Árpád era (11th century) was pulled down in 1928. The painted coffered ceiling of the pulled down church now can be seen in Dobó István Castle museum in Eger.

Address:  3325 Noszvaj, Deák F. str 1.

Imány-tető (hill)

Imány-tető hill towering above the central part of the settlement ensures great view over the whole of the village. On the slope of the hill a stone construction recalling the border line of the former Hungary welcomes visitors already from a long distance. You should start from Bartók Béla street opposite the Reformed church and after a light walk you are already up on the hill. 

Tale route

It is a unique family programme in the country available all the year offering relaxation for the whole family based onfolk tales. A Palóc ethnic folk tale and playful quizes connected to it can be found in ten little houses in several points of the village visitable like a study trail.

Start from: Noszvaj / Harmónia Patisserie Noszvaj, Béke str. 1.

Tel: +36 20 586 6897

Travel options from Eger to Noszvaj:

  Travel time Information
Auto ~ 9 minutes -
Coach ~ 25 minutes volanbusz.hu

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