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Distance from Eger: 14 km

Mezőkövesd – the heart of Matyóföld

In Mezőkövesd you can get acquainted with one of the most famous folkart traditions of Hungary, Matyó embroidery patterning "hundred roses". The world famous Matyó heritage is not only our national one, but it has become part of UNESCO intangible world heritage as well! In the town centre you can get acquainted with Matyó eople's lives in the more than five decade-old Matyó Museum.

Fascinating "Hadas" district

In the winding streets of Hadas district 150-200- year-old  thatched roofed houses can be found hosting various creative workshops now. When walking around you can learn the secrets of various trades, like furniture painting, honey-cake making, embroidery, weaving, pottery. Here can be found the memorial house of Bori Kisjankó, the most famous Matyó pattern designer, and not far from it there is Agricultural Machine Museum acknowledged all over Europe where the old machines can be seen working. The life exhibition of István Takács fresco painter artist, born and lived in Mezőkövesd, can be seen in a permanent exhibition in the building of the gallery.

Active relaxation

Children and the youth can use a huge playground, outdoor fitness tools and a basketball field on the recently renewed Kavicsos-lake Relaxation Park.  After a busy day swimming in the pools of Zsóry Spa and Outdoor Bath could be a worthy closure of the day.

Travel options from Eger to Mezőkövesd:

  Travel time Information
Auto ~ 13 minutes -
Coach ~ 30 minutes volanbusz.hu

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