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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

With dogs in Eger

Just go and discover Eger with your dog!      

Nowadays there are more and more possibilities to take our dogs when going on holiday. It is true in Eger as well, since the town can be visited on foot and there is a lot of green surface and forest in the neighbourhood.

The sights of the town with a dog

The statue by Stróbl Alajos and the Minorite church are on Dobó square. Géza Gárdonyi's statue is sitting on the other square next to Dobó square from where you can walk over a small bridge to the monument of Border Castle Warriors to see the statue with horses by Kisfaludy Strobl Zsigmond.

Going up the street from Little-Dobó square you are below the castle. Although you are not allowed to take your pet to the exhibitions, it is worth going up to the castle yard with a visitor ticket and see the military demonstrations of the warriors. However, a muzzle is recommended since the noise of the weapons or canon shot may bother the more sensitive senses of the pets.

Not far from the downtown, in Archbishop's Garden the four-legged companions can also be walked on leash, however, the dog ground on the right side of the Basilica may help to get the steam off piled by the lots of adventures.

With very energetic pets it is worth hiking on Nagy-Eged hill from the top of which there is a superb view over the valley of the town. Those who like hiking a lot of possibilities are offered for physical activity and listening to the sounds of the nature in Felsőtárkány or on the mountain paths of Szalajka-valley in Szilvásvárad.

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