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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Class excursion

Eger is situated 1.45 hour coach ride from Budapest, ideal for one-two-three-day class trips!          

The  great novel of Géza Gárdonyi has been attracting school classes from the junior section of primary schools, but the town provides also secondary school students with numerous  experiences, cultural- acive and sports facilities.

Tips for the first day of the class trip:      

Start the walk at the Basilica, then disover Magic Tower in the opposite building of the Lyceum where exciting physical experiments can be tried and then Camera Obscura, the oldest functioning "panorama-projector" can be visited on the top. Following it you can walk on Széchenyi street, the Baroque main street of the town and after turning in any of the bending little streets, after a couple of minutes Dobó square, the main square of the town can be seen.          

If you go up Dobó street you will get to the entrance of Eger Castle where you are waited by the renovated casemates (underground corridors) and a Stars of Eger exhibition. You should leave the castle on the northern gate and get back to the town on the castlewall walk, you will enjoy a great panorama.            

The staircase goes down to the Pasha's Tent, if you have time you can have a real Turkish tea or Turkish coffee made on hot sand or a nice cake. From here you can already see the Minaret which you should see and imagine the times when the muezzin called the Muslims for a prayer five times a day.            

Those having a sweet tooth must visit Kopcsik Marcipania nearby where besides the marcipan wonders of the museum you can buy heavenly truffels, bon-bons and naturally marcipan in the little sweet shop.

Tips for the second day:            

For the second day visiting the Archbishop's Palace is recommended from among the cultural sights of the town offering an exciting glimpse into the life of the former bishops and archbishops.

Following it you should walk down Kossuth street and see the Fazola Gates, masterpiece of the world famous blacksmith Henrik Fazola in the building of the County Hall. Go on Egészségház street to Archbishop's Garden. It is possible to play team building games in the park or in case of good weather you can have a bath in the thermal bath (one entrance of which is from the park).

Tips for the third day:

Discover the surroundings of Eger! Within 20 kms you can find impressing places like Szilvásvárad, Noszvaj, Bélapátfalva, or even nearer Felsőtárkány, Noszvaj and Egerszalók. 

For further ideas, tips you should contact Tourinform office.

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