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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Valley of Spas

Egerszalók, a bath heaven

Egerszalók is an outstanding health resort, and it is not surprising since according to balneological measurements the water is 18.000-20.000 years old. The first well was drilled in 1961 while searching for crude oil and natural gas, but instead of oil 65 C thermal water was found. The first basin was built in 1969, the second well was drilled in 1987 from which 68 C thermal water burst up from 426 m below.

 In Egerszalók and its surroundings seven different baths have been built on this wonderful water rich in minerals. 

Thermal Lake in Demjén:

The thermal Lake in Demjén has a beach feel: visitors are waited by a sandy pool deepening gradually, children pools, a slide, an indoor pool and Russian sauna house.

Thermal Bath and Aquapark of Demjén

In the Thermal Bath and Aquapark of Demjén outdoor pools of different temperature, indoor pools with medicinal water, a 25 m-swimming pool and a children pool can be found. It is open till 2 AM every day of the year, this way the experience of night bathing can also be tried.
In summer time Aquapark gives unforgetable relaxation, mostly for children and young people: rafting with rubber hoop, a kamikaze slide and a jumping castle make bathing exciting.

Cascade Cave- and Experience Bath Demjén

Cascade Cave- and Experience Bath is waiting for visitors with its 760 m long zig-zagged cave system, relaxation areas, giant slides, more than 1500 m2 water surface independent of the weather conditions. The cave bath is a real unique speciality all over Europe.

Saliris Resort Medicinal- and Thermal Bath

Saliris Resort Medicinal- and Thermal Bath was built at the foot of the terraced limestone formation created by the great medicinal water wating for visitors with 17 outdoor- and indoor pools, bubble bath, experience- and children pools, Kneipp- and echo pools. Inside sauna fans can find different facilities: Finnish sauna, steam bath, aroma cabin, bubble bath, while in the yard there is a Finnish- and a Russian loghouse sauna.

Nostalgy Bath Egerszalók

Those who like the feeling of the 70s and 80s must visit Nostalgy Bath in Egerszalók. The bath having three warm-water pools is situated next to Saliris, the water temperatures are: 36-37C, 37-38C és 38-39C, and an important aspect is that even the bufet recalls the past: you can buy here lángos, sausages, sausages with rice, pancake, beer and soft drinks.

Thermal Park Hotel Egerszalók

In the bath of  Thermal Park hotel three outdoor pools can be found, one of which is for children up to 10 years old. Besides it a Finnish- and infra sauna, a steam cabin is available for sauna lovers.

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