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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Getting anywhere of two wheels!

Eger situated in the valley of Eger stream is a convenient venue for riding a bicycle. The bicycle road system crossing the town in length was made in 2015, which makes riding safe.If you have not brought your own bicycle, you can rent one at several places. Choose one of the best destinations and off you go.

Hiking possibilities

Take the opportunity and discover the picturesque environs of Eger! From the top of Nagy-Eger hill you can thoroughly observe the town and its surroundings, in bright weather the Bükk mountains, but even Kékestető and the Great Plain can be seen. If you like hill peaks and not afraid of more difficult tours either, you should choose Tar-kő situated 950 m high, you will have a breathtaking panorama from the edge of the Bükk-plateau. On hot summer days it is a good idea to hide in cool, shady forests from the sweltering sun. You can also visit some of the 82 bee-hive stones or take a walk in the mystic Hór-valley. But if even trees do not give enough shade, descend under the surface! Esztáz-kő cave can be found just some kilometres from Eger and wonderful stalactite stones can be seen there.                                     

Discovery on horseback or by jeep

Horse lovers can also have fun in the vicinity of Eger, since just 2 kms from the town there is  a 26-hectar ranch! However, the region can be discovered in another way as well, as halfway to the horse farm Almagyar Wine Terrace organises exciting winehill tours with authentintic UAZ jeeps.

Eger the town of water

Swimming is good everywhere, but this pastime has new dimensions in Eger. A peculiarity of the baths of the town is that some of them have their own spring. The Turkish Bath with its special atmosphere is recommended for relaxation at the end of the day, the Thermal Bath with a civilian milieu is ideal for a whole day chill out, while the impressing Bitskey Aladár swimming pool and the excellent Bárány swimming pool are the best choices for sporting purposes.

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