Photo exhibition „Russia's war against Ukraine

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Photo exhibition „Russia's war against Ukraine – through the Hungarian lens”

On February 24, 2022, after eight years of hybrid warfare, Russia openly attacked Ukraine. We said „never again” and regrettably the opposite happened. Overnight, millions of Ukrainians woke up to a new reality. A reality full of pain, suffering, violence and loss. As we all know, this terrible war, so out of place with today's times, is taking place in a neighbouring country, in the heart of Europe.

Seeing, knowing, understanding what’s going on is extremely important. A single photo is able to travel and generally speak out with more than a thousand words and there are many of them. Especially when these images are not from the past, but from present day events, which makes the entire situation more unbearable and disturbing. As each of these varying images, with the same subject matter, have the capacity to direct our thoughts to the notions that we ourselves could be a target too. As ruined homes, squares, buildings could become ours too.

These commendable photographs, presented at the exhibition, are documentary photographs of Hungarian journalists and photojournalists, who have gone to Ukraine, risking their lives, in order not just only to deliver the news but to show to their compatriots the devastating consequences of recent Russian attacks. The three authors are Földes András and István Huszti, from Telex and Szabolcs Vörös, from Válasz Online. They visited Ukraine individually and saw the same destruction and suffering. Their photographs tell the truth, which is universal and cannot be hidden.

Our exhibition is a call for understanding and compassion, as well as a request for further support and help. The aim is to show what could have been prevented in the modern world and what must be categorically condemned and stopped immediately.

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