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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Nap-Völgy Winery


Webpage napvolgy.hu
Email elmenybirtok@napvolgy.hu
Reservation I. +36 30 595 1778
Reservation II. +36 30 225 1122

Love and expertise are the only additives we add to our wines

Nowadays, when almost everything is based on material foundations, we are looking for experiences, not objects. We want values, not momentary impulses. Attention instead of monotony. This is what we represent.

We don't have decades of history behind us, we don't have tens of thousands of bottles lined up in our cellars, and we don't aim to be part of mass production. On the other hand, we have four hectares of productive vineyards in the Eger wine region, and a large amount of dedication and humility, from which we build day by day. Rather, we wanted to create a place where it is good to escape from the usual everyday life and choose a calmer, recharged relaxation.

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