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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Greg-Vin Winery


Webpage greg-vin.hu
Email gregvinkft@gmail.com
Phone +3636311303

Wonderful artisanal wines from the legendary Eger wine region

It is common for excellent wines to be made in Eger, since, as we blow in the song, Eger is a city of wines. But did they know that there are quite a few vineyards in Eger and in the vicinity of the vineyards around Eger, which produce basically superior quality crops year after year?

Thanks to my grandparents, who chose the best vineyards with excellent sense and started cultivating them with consistent diligence, our lands, without exception, are suitable for the production of Grand Superior raw materials. Such is the Birkadűlő at the foot of Nagyeged, or the Hawthorn, where our vineyards feel and thrive in the thick layer of tuff and volcanic ash. We make classic, mature wines.

Now we could say old words about winemaking, with the most modern technologies, and in the best barrels, but we offer better. What if you would visit our family cellar in Szépasszonyvölgy and see for yourself what technology we use to get the best out of the already grateful ingredients!

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