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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

History of Eger

Eger is often mentioned as a historical town but many do not even know how old the history of the town is. The near vicinity of the downtown was inhabited already in the prehistoric times, and in the hills surrounding the town relics from the early Iron Age were found. In the first half of the 10th century after the Hungarian conquest the first Hungarian tribes also settled here in this area.

The establishment of the town

The establishment of Eger was thanks to Saint István, the first Hungarian king, who made Eger the seat of a bishopric. The town soon developed to be a religious centre, but it did not last long - the Mongolo-Tartars set fire on the town in 1241. King Béla IV. gave permission on building a stone castle in 1248 and the town began to develop again: grapes were planted on the site of forests, new roads, houses were built and in the castle the Gothic Bishop's Palace- still can be visited - was erected.        

Fight with the Turks        

The fight with thr Turks had been going on for years when the Ottoman Turks occupied Buda, thus dividing the country into three parts. It was an important event concerning Eger as well because it became an important border castle at this time. Anyway, it was proven by the history that it became more important than it had ever been imagined.

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