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Distance from Eger: 15 km

Bélapátfalva is barely 15 km from Eger, well accessible by coach and by train as well. Few settlements have received such breathtaking setting from the nature like this little town: the two million-year-old cliffs of Bélkő-hill are towering protectingly over the houses. 

Hiking up the Bélkő-hill

A conveniently ascending 5 km long study trail consisting of 7 stations  goes up the 815 m high Bélkő hill, which can be done on foot, upwards 2-2.5 hours, downhill about 1.5 hours. At the stations the tables make you acquainted with the flora and fauna of the hill and the variety of the rocks and minerals. From the top of the hill one of the nicest views of Hungary opens to you: in bright weather even the line of Tisza river and the Tatras can be seen.

The study trail starts from the Cistercian Abbey.


The abbey of the settlement was founded by Kilit II bishop of Eger in 1232. Between the 800-year-old walls of the wonderful church as if time has stopped: when having stepped over the threshold there is only piece, quiet and silence. It is the only survived Medieval Cistercian Abbey in Hungary, with one of the oldest, still working organs which is sounded by musicians at concerts, cultural programmes, weddings, church events.

Angling, barbeque  

Starting from the abbey visitors can get to the bank of a picturesque little fish pond in a 20-minute walk, in 5 minutes by car.  Here angling lovers can wait for the catch having bought a daily ticket, but it is also a perfect hiking venue: there are grilling- and barbeque places in the shadow of the trees and children can run about, play, have a rest on the spacious, grassy meadows.

Gilitka Chapel

Hiking lovers should not miss out visiting the beautiful little chapel built at a station of a former post-coach route in 1750 in the middle of the forest: the chapel standing on a forest clearing next to a rippling spring can be approached in a 1 hour walk.

Travel options from Eger to Bélapátfalva:

  Travel time Information
Car ~ 16 minutes -
Coach ~ 35 minutes volanbusz.hu
Train ~ 45 minutes jegy.mav.hu

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