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Let your country come... - exhibition

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Exhibition of the painter Imre Szakács on the occasion of the 2023 Ars Sacra

The organizing medium of the pictures taken recently is light, the earthly landscape interwoven with light, which seems to dissolve on its own in the awareness of its temporary state. It redirects, redirects towards the center, the source of light... (art historian Ildikó Kontsek)

The trees and the roots. The curtain and the darkness. The gate and the light. Death and life. In the art of Imre Szakács, all of these are connected with unheard-of intensity and lively organicity. Humanity's most ancient, pre-verbal, pictorial experiences and crumbs of truth in all their flavors emerge from the canvas, not only because of the play of painting solutions, texture and shadows that strengthen the spatial effect, but mainly because of the personality and confessional character that characterizes these images. The soul and imagination of the artist becomes the sanctuary of the humanity of all of us, where the Presence begins to work... (Dr. Csaba Török, theologian, university professor)

The exhibition of painter László Imre Szakács can be visited until March 31, 2024 from Tuesday to Saturday between 10:00 and 16:00.

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