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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Archbishops Palace and Visitor Center


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The impressive Baroque style Archbishop's Palace Cultural, Touristic and Visitor Centre offering a special church arts exhibition opened its gates to visitors in February 2016.

 In the exhibition you can have a glimpse in the every day life of bishops, archbishops who financed architectural constructions and supported fine arts besides their church coordinating activities during the centuries. The proof of it can be seen in the exhibition. The objects connected to masses or celebrations reflect on another part of their complex leader role. A special emphasis was payed on showing spaces of their private life, private piety, prayers to visitors - bringing the life of the followers of Christ nearer the public, addressing everyone. 

Room with Birds

In 2013 during the wall research preceding  the reconstruction of the palace fresco restaurers discovered seccos covering the whole surface painted on dry mortar depicting birds under 30 layers of paint. 

When Mátyás Bél came to Eger in 1730 he also visited the residence of bishop Gábor Erdődy; in his travelogue he detailed its beauty and also mentioned the birdhouse placed in the ceremonial park. As he writes, "various rare birds" are placed in the cages. The bird house has long been demolished, but sala terrana, the rest room leading to the garden still exist. Its walls have preserved its beauty covered for a long time, just the barrel vaulting different from the flat ceiling typical on the first floor of the palace reflected on the representative character of the room.

Palace Cafe

In the cafe unmatchable aroma, freshness of Italian coffee, "wines of the archbishop of Eger" can be tasted.  Our cakes offer a real gastronomy delight made by the local Stühmer factory on original recipes.

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