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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Border Castle Merrymaking and Siege-play in Eger

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Let's experience the events of the glorious defence of 1552 of the castle in the Castle of Eger every summer!

The date remembered with pride in Eger also plays important role in the Hungarian history, since that year the soldiers of Eger managed to stop the advance of the thirty times bigger Turkish army.

In the historical festival of Border Castle Merrymaking and Siege-play visitors are welcome to warrior trials, exhibitions, dance-houses and contemporary craft shows. You can see horse shoe-,ceramics-, felt making, you can fight with wooden swords and children can defeat the Turks in a huge game of "socks fight". At the peak of the event the glorious fight of 1552 against the Turkish troops is revived by about 150 heroic warriors.

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Border Castle Merrymaking

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