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Nagy-Eged hill

Nagy Eged hill is rising out of its surroundings like an island to the north-eastern direction from the centre of Eger, the sight of which is as organicly part of the town just like the Minaret or the towers of the churches, its slopes make the heart beat faster of those returning home.

How to get up the top?

It is worth hiking up 536 m Nagy-Eged hill, from its top unmatchable scenery opens to Eger and the Bükk mountains, but in clear weather the Mátra mountains can also be seen or even the glittering surface of Tisza-lake. If you decide on a tour, the red-line tourist route starts from Egervár railway stop and after a 5-kilometer walk and having overcome a 400-m level rise you can get to the top of Eged-hill in less than 2 hours. Anyone can accomplish this tour, perhaps you will not have problems with falling asleep in the evening. The route can easily be walked, however, there are stony parts and muddy, slippery sections in wet weather. Hiking experience is not needed, but proper boots are highly recommended.

If you think that 10 km there and back is too much and would like to get up Eged hill on a shorter way, you can do that, as you can travel by coach going to Noszvaj to Csomóstanya stop - that is the foot of Eged-hill - and from here it is only 2 km to the top of the hill. Of course, there is a bus stop here on the way back as well, so you needn't walk as far as Eger, however, get informed about the timetable well before, because at weekends the buses run just every hour.

The highest situated vineyards of our country

Eged-hill is important from nature conservation aspect, too, because it is a transition between the Great Plain and the Bükk mountains, therefore it is very rich in different species. There are several animal- and plant species here which are native in Mediterranean and Submediterranean regions. The path going up the hill leads to a magic karst-bush wood which, thanks to the orange-fragrant smoke bushes, glows red.

Similarly nice are the vineyards - the highest situated grape terroirs of the country - on the southern slopes of the hill in autumn. The hill is the best terroir in Hungary, according to the winemakers of Eger: it has ideal reclination and the inclination angle of sun rays is close to vertical. Thanks to these and the limestone base rock of the hill the character of the wines coming from here is very different from other wines made elsewhere in the wine region. Believe the winemakers of Eger and taste the wines coming from Nagy-Eged-hill.

Useful advice for hikers:      

  • Take water and suitable clothes with you.
  • Take a mobile phone if you can.
  • Do not leave the marked tourist route.
  • Before starting a longer tour, listen to the weather forecast.
  • Do not start a longer tour before dark, plan carefully in advance the time of start and arrival.

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