Eger Wine Adventure

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Eger Wine Adventure

Dear Wine Lovers!

We decided to visit the deservedly famous Eger wine region with our small group.

Eger is one of Hungary's historic wine regions, nowadays it is a vineyard on approximately 6,000 hectares. The grape and wine culture in the wine region goes back almost 1000 years.

Date: October 8-9

Location: Eger



Meeting on 08.10.2022, Saturday at 11:00 at the Legány apartment house. We haven't booked our accommodation yet, but we park our cars and head to one of the region's most famous winemakers, Jani Bolyki. We will spend a good 2 hours here, tasting 8 types of wine, eating a full cold dish with it, and walking around the cellar.

Our next location is the Szésszony valley, here we will taste the authentic nature of Eger, we will visit some wine cellars that have been there for 100 years.

From here we return to the accommodation, we will take it and then a buffet dinner awaits us here accompanied by some river wine.

After dinner, everyone gets some time to chill and assess the terrain.

After that, in a small private room, we will hold another 5-item wine tasting, followed by a thematic Quiz night. Then free time and party until you drop.

The next day, we recuperate with our host's breakfast, and then relax from the previous day's fatigue in the nearby Demén Spa. After the bath, we go home with tears in our eyes, but with new memories in our hearts.

The price of the weekend: 35,000.- until September 25, after that 40,000.-


Which contains:

- Bolyki cellar visit with 8-item wine tasting and a cold dish

- Accommodation for Saturday night in the Legány apartment house (party room for 10 fos)

Rooms for 2-4 people are also available for an extra charge!

evening buffet dinner with wine selection

- 5-item Njoy wine tasting and quiz

- buffet breakfast

The Demjén bath is recommended, but optional.



- In person (by appointment)

-0.75 in a wine bar (at the Basilica)

-Store 13 ( Budapest Karolina u. 17/b)

-Transfer is also possible

Stay with us and let's have a lot of fun together!

Njoy crew

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