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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Bull's blood wine festival

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It is not a usual festival or winetasting, it is a life feeling in Eger, which can only be experienced on the spot with concerts of well-known bands on the main stage and talented young bands on the Egri Csillag stage.

The first one is of higher volume, the latter one is underground-like. One thing is common: we will come together and taste our great wines and dishes of local chefs listening to good music in pleasant green environs. It is good to be here, every year, in the same way.

Program of the stages at Bull's blood (Egri bikavér) wine festival


August 26 (Thursday)

16.30 Hoffer tractor start (Round hall, main entrance)
18.45 "The juice of the grapes has great power" ... - Folk music concert
19.00 XXV. Eger Bull's Blood Festival opening ceremony, awards ceremony
21.00 Anima Sound System - DJ's
23.00 Gesarol concert

August 27 (Friday)

16.30 Hoffer tractor start (Sport's hall, main entrance)
17.30 László Bódi CIPŐ memorial concert

19.30 Fergeteg Party

  • 19.30–20.30 Fergeteg Party Warm Up
  • 20.30–22.00 Emelet Live concert
  • 22.00–00.00 DJ Dominique
  • 00.00–00.50 Rakoncazi Imre Piano Live
  • 00.50–01.40 TNT Track

Host: DJ Dominique, DJ Thomx

August 28 (Saturday)

16.00 Parade of tractors and vintage vehicles
17.00 Hoffer tractor start (Spart's hall, main entrance)
17.00 Feelgood Acoustic & Demkó Alexandra concert
18.00 Ceremony of the Eger Bull Blood Knight Order, the announcement of the best Bull Blood of the wine festival and the winning wine of the Balassi Sword wine competition

19.30 Retro Party

  • 19.30–20.00 DJ Thomx Warm Up
  • 20.00–20.30 Pál Dénes concert
  • 20.30–21.00 DJ Thomx
  • 21.00–22.30 Studio 11 and its star guests Part I - Tamás Vastag, Réka Koós - concert
  • 22.30–23.00 Dance Folk Show
  • 23.00–23.30 Bereczki Zoli, concert
  • 23.50–00.30 Studio 11 and its star guests Part II. - Andrea Szulák, concert
  • 00.45–01.15 Tibi Csordás (X-Fiesta), concert
  • 01.15–01.30 DJ Thomx

Host: Zsolt Szilágyi (Petőfi Radio), DJ Thomx

EGRI CSILLAG STAGE - Music pavilion - local bands

August 26 (Thursday)

18.00 Csapnivaló - live concert
19.00 Szabó Anna 'Rozsi' - live concert
19.40 Kiad - live concert
21.00 Bring Me Green - live concert
22.30 Kései Kitérő - live concert

August 27 (Friday)

19.00 WeHaveNoIdea - live concert
20.15 Cross Joint Crash - live concert
21.30 The Mighty Manfilter - live concert
23.00 Shapat Terror - live concert

August 28 (Saturday)

15.30 Egri Anime Klub - Egri Natsu Matsuri
19.00 Superego3 - live concert
20.15 Trampúr - live concert
21.30 Endless Project - live concert
23.00 Allsuckall - live concert

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