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Taste the Gárdonyi cake!

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In 2022, we celebrate the work of Géza Gárdonyi.

At the beginning of the year, Marján Cukrászda in Eger visited several professionals who know Gárdonyi's life well. They wanted to find out what the cake would be like, which is closest to the taste of the Writer... The experts went on a time trip. Contemporary records were browsed to map what Géza Gárdonyi loved and what he disliked.

At the end of several months of work, the main features of the cake emerged:

Delicious chocolate and fresh cottage cheese

After having the starting point, the pastry shop played with the flavors until the unique dessert reflecting the taste of Géza Gárdonyi was born!

And the end result... speaks for itself!

Taste the cake available for a limited time at the Marján Cukrászda and have an adventure in the world of the writer with a personalized cake!

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