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Hotel Villa Völgy **** Restaurant


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Wine & Gastronomy of Eger in Szépasszony Valley

In service of taste buds

In the two 1st class restaurants of Hotel Villa Völgy **** guests can taste the typical regional Hungarian dishes, international cuisine, and real gastronomic specialties as well.

Our air-conditioned main restaurant oriented to the regional character welcomes 180 guests, while the semi-open terrace is suitable for 100 guests, making it a great opportunity for weddings, banquets, meetings, for which we provide live music as well.

The beautiful green area is perfect place for a BBQ party to be organized as well. Suitable for up to 60 guests, the hotel has its own private, nicely crafted wine cellar, where traditional wine tasting dinner and precious nectars of the region welcome our guests coming in groups.

Located in the hotel's main building, our newly renovated 70 seated design restaurant shows today’s fashionable minimal style both in shape and color.

Our I. category restaurant offers primarily the standards of the Hungarian cuisine in modern schooling, with the wide selection of the dishes on the menu we strive to satisfy those as well, who wish to taste the basic flavours of the world’s great cuisines as well.

Gastronomic Tour - Focus on Egri Csillag white wine

Together with the Eger Wine Region, we have collected some of the city's best restaurants and wineries. Take your pick and go on a Gastronomic Tour in Eger! At the end of the adventure, we await you with a guaranteed gift!

This year we are focusing on the Egri Csillag (Star of Eger), the white sister of the Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood of Eger). This fresh dry wine is one of the favourites of the local people of Eger, and we see that  also in other parts of the world it is acquiring more and more fans. We want also you to get to know it. What is more, we want you to discover Eger's gastronomy through this wine - being it a vintage wine or a dish matching the Egri Csillag!

Hotel Villa Völgy **** Restaurant offers:

  • Saláta ikebana, pirított tökmag, olaj, balzsamecet, grillezett gomolya (salad, toasted pumpkin seeds, oil, balsamic vinegar, grilled cheese)
  • Bőrén sült fogas, fokhagymás spenót, mozzarellás paradicsom, rukkola, parmezánforgács (fried fish, garlic spinach, tomatoes with mozzarella, arugula, parmesan)
  • Sajtjaink (cheeses)

Try the offer or choose something else according to your taste! Click here for details of the Gastronomic Tour!

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