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Petrény Winebank


Webpage petrenybor.hu
Email petreny.borbank@gmail.com
Phone +36703293398

Environment consciousness and quality - this is the philosophy of Petrény winery.  

Petrény family has been dealing with winemaking for generations. It is important to them to respect tradition and combine it with modern winemaking.  

At present we are cultivating 100 hectares the majority of which is newly planted, low-load plantation on good soil, on excellent location. We are convinced that good wine is based on excellent quality grapes which can only be harvested when doing careful cultivation. The grapes are helped to be resistant to pests by low load, this way pest control is minimized and spraying is reduced and done only with "green"  insecticides. The ripen, exclusively healthy grapes are fermented with natural, traditional technology, in the cleanest possible conditions." Attila Petrény, winemaker

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