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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Eszterházy square

It is one of the most impressing squares of Eger bordered by the buildings of the Basilica, the Archbishop's Palace and the Lyceum.

It was named about a bishop in Eger, Károly Eszterházy who the building of the Lyceum can be thanked for. That is the way we can see it now, because the university building originally was planned to be a groundfloor one. If it wasn't for Eszterházy, it would not have storeys either. 

The atmosphere of the square is the most enchanting in the evening, so sit down on a bench between the monumental buildings of the Lyceum and the Basilica and admire the grandiosity of  the architecture of our forefathers. In summer you can have a rest, have an icecream in the shade of the trees of the park and watch the busy town passing by.  The romance of the square is completed by the Lock-wall at the corner of the fence of the Archbishop's Palace. The locks preserve love, friendship and nice memories. Town under the Town cellar system can also be visited starting from the square. A peculiarity is that Eger is a unique town, where you can party under a church, since the cellar of a nearby place of entertainment streaches under the Basilica.

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