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Zsolnay fountain


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It is unique that a fountain is covered in Zsolnay glaze, what is more, the location is not common either: in the yard of a shopping centre!

We must go back to 1894, when the building of the shopping centre was built. Sounds unbelievable? There is a little twist in the story, that is true, because the building complex was built to be a tobacco factory which functioned there for 111 years. The fountain got to its place in 1996, on the 100th anniversary of the factory. It depicts the ornamented water tower serving the factory. In 2005 the factory was closed but a new shopping centre was opened which in  respect to its past has preserved the valuable parts of the building, has renovated and has been using them.

This way the shopping centre in Eger has become one of the most interesting and valuable ones of this kind where hundred-year-old memories are mixed with the latest trends in a very individual way. One of the preserved relics is the decorative park with ancient trees and the Zsolnay fountain in it.

Having finished with your shopping sit down under the shady trees and enjoy the sight of the renovated water tower and the Zsolnay fountain depicting it.

Agria Park Shopping Center

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