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Terra Kontra X Pavilon Festival

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Terra Kontra X Pavilon Festival

The time has come to unveil our joint master project: for 2024, the teams behind Terra Kontra and Pavilon will join forces to embrace the peaceful slopes of Bükk during a three-day celebration!

The location is already familiar territory to the Terra Kontra team, as they will be returning to the picturesque surroundings of Felsőtárkány for their third time this year. In addition, the Pavilon folks will bring their five years of experience delivering DIY festivals, so you will be in good hands.

Our two organizing teams are deeply connected through long standing friendships, shared visions, and years of collaboration, shaping the essence and form of this year's project. One thing is certain: there will be no shortage of programs, music, communal lounging, shared smiles, sunbathing, and morning dew dances! This is a safe space in every sense of the word. At the western gate of Bükk, all urban constraints and pressures are guaranteed to fall off our shoulders.

We're gearing up with three stages and a diverse lineup. Featuring plenty of emerging talents alongside a few veteran musicians, both teams will stay true to their music roots. Energizing opening bands, smoky hip-hop, refreshing ambient tunes, groovy minimal beats, bouncy house music and soaring electronic sounds - a feast for the eyes and ears.

Now, two short anecdotes in the spirit of mutual acquaintance:

The seeds of Terra Kontra were planted many years ago in the nightlife of Budapest. Initially, they stomped on the dance floors of steamy clubs, dancing to the hypnotically pulsating beats of electronic music, or philosophised until dawn at house parties. It was on the surreal, violet-lit deck of a Berlin club ship that their first joint idea was born: it was time to do-it-yourself. In February 2022, they ignited their first beacon of independence in the eternal-night of Budapest. Since then, they have sprung-up at numerous venues—as organizers or DJs—from Toldi to A38 and from Aether to Turbina. However, the young team's focus has always been on organizing their own festival, with the hope of creating, in the long run, an inclusive, cohesive, and friendly community for lovers of house and related genres.

The Pavilon team has long been exploring new sounds, weaving jazz, rap, and electronic music into eclectic bouquets and planting the wildflowers of the city into their rightful surroundings. From various selected locations, they shape year after year the proto-Camp, where dancing feet, wandering melodies and the alluring, momentarily primitive community come together peacefully time and time again. This is Pavilon: there are no rigid walls, right-angled boundaries, but rather a gentle refuge, a shady canopy where cheeky and lazy thoughts can coexist. Like blossoms sprouting through the cracks of concrete every midsummer, steadily enriching that colorful bouquet, this summer will once again immerse and overflow in its full splendor.

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