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The Eger Wine Festival

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The Eger Wine Festival – the ordinary flavour, but already a new one vintage

The Eger Wine Festival combines the city's unique natural, historical and city gastronomy features. The event promises to be one of the most atmospheric wine gastronomy events in the country between July 7th and 9th.

The gastronomy festival is held in the immediate vicinity of Eger’s downtown, in a huge and very atmospheric park. The special environment and the unique content are internationally known, lots of foreign tourists also come directly to Eger for this event. A few years ago, a German portal chose the event as one of the 10 best European gastronomic festivals.

The winegrowers and winemakers of the Egri wine region offer here their best wines year after year - especially for this occasion – with unique gastronomic wonders by the chefs of the best restaurants.

In addition to the gastronomic wonders of the city, the Eger Wine Festival completes the guests' weekend with numerous musical and cultural programs. In Eger's Érsekkert, free concerts, family programs, a craft fair, an exhibition and parade of vintage vehicles, and programs related to the wine traditions of the region add color to the wine festival.

Between July 7th and 9th, the Egri Wine Festival awaits gourmets of gastronomy with the usual flavors and atmosphere, but already "bottled into a new vintage".



Egri Bikavér Stage:


July 7 (Thursday):

16.30 Hoffer traktor start (Round hall, main entrance)

17.00 Andörkaver concert

19.00 The Eger Wine Festival opening ceremony

20.30 Folk on 45 concert

22.30 Gesarol concert


July 8 (Friday):

16.30 Hoffer tractor start (Round hall, main entrance)

17.30 Presentation of the Starry-Eyed Egri Section

18.30 Announcement of the best wines of the wine festival

18.45 Abaházi RT. concert

20.30 XI. György Szepesi Bar Musician Meeting - WINE BAR

Star guests: Mari Báder, Reni Orsovai, Gábor Majsai, Viktor Varga – Gonda Music Band

23.00 Retro Zone Orchestra - "Super Party"


July 9 (Saturday):

16.00 Parade of tractors and vintage vehicles in downtown Eger

17.00 Hoffer tractor start (Round hall, main entrance)

18.00 The show of the 50-year-old Egri Csillagok Népdalkör and Erdei Banda

19.00 Inauguration ceremony of the Wine Knight of the Egri Bikavér Knight Order

20.00 Announcement of the best food of the wine festival

20.30 Jazz Steps Band concert

23.00 Ferget Party - DJ. Dominique


Egri Csillag Stage:


July 7 (Thursday):

18.30 Szabó Anna 'Rozsi'

19.10 Szabó Család

20.50 Trampúr

22.30 The Pontiac


July 8 (Friday):

18.30 Magyar Balázs akusztik

19.20 Endless Project

20.50 Csikk

22.30 AllSuckAll


July 9 (Saturday):

18.30 Kiad

19.20 Kései Kitérő

20.50 Grabovski

22.30 Esti Kornél


The entrance is free. We reserve the right to change the program.


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