The Lipica International Historical Equestrian Gala

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Taking these aspirations into account, after the highly successful 2021 pageant, the night horse show will be held again on August 20, 2022, from 8 p.m.: The Lipicai - International Historical Equestrian Gala.

The pageant aims to present the equestrian history of our country, the most important scenes of which are linked to the stud farm, and the Lipizzan breed has made people vomit for centuries, but it reveals its even more glorious destiny to the audience. However, the time travel begins well before 1580, 3000 years ago, which is why bronze age horse statues were found during the reconstruction of the Lipica equestrian center in Szilvásvárad, which proves that horse breeding was already taking place at the foot of the Bükk Mountains thousands of years ago.

After the scene, we show the glorious fights of medieval knights through the age of the Romans and the Huns. The Honvéd Hussar Díszalégyszég will be represented again this year, a type of weapon that has transformed the world's warfare and still stands as an example for the armed forces of many nations.

On the important day, just like in breeding, we consider the active participation of the descendants of the Monarchy to be important, so the national studs of Austria, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia also honor us with their production. The scenes are made unforgettable by stuntmen and riders employed all over the world, accompanied by live folk music, which is also complemented by world-class lights and fireworks. Professional authorities such as Gábor Pénzes, jr. ride and drive in front of the grand prize. Andor Dallos and the international drivers of our stud, jr. Ferenc Galbács and István Váczi. Actor Péter Benkő guides our viewers in the role of narrators.

The singers Zsazsa Réthy and Szilárd Nagy will perform in Szilvásvárad among the new productions of the show.

During the live history lesson, be a part of the history of the Lipizzan breed, which has been intertwined with the fate of our nation over the centuries.

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