Eger Advent

Eger Advent programme series is the best choice to get prepared for the holidays, with family chill out and getting tuned to christmas.

The wonderful setting of the Baroque town centre with its magic illumination, special effects, the cinnamon fragrance of mulled wine and chimney cake provides authentic advent atmosphere.

The legendary Dobó square, Gárdonyi square and Border Castle Warriors’ square are dressed up in imposing ceremonial light dress completed by the floodlight of the castle making it really matchless.

Those interested are waited with special advent concerts on the stage, magic experiences are given to children by the free icerink, fabular programmes of the Ice Palace, handcraft play-house, photo corner, slide hut, creative cookie workshop.

Visitors are attracted to the christmas fairground bustle by gastro delights of Eger, special offer, festal menu, excellent wines and mulled wine specialities.

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