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Baroque Festival

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Bükki Art Days - Baroque Festival 2023
The main goal of the event is to promote sophisticated music and culture.

This year, we plan to organize the traditional Baroque Festival in Eger and in the neighboring village of Noszvaj with the motto "Alla turca", that is, "in the Turkish way".
During the three-day event, we await the audience with colorful programs.

Friday, June 30

18:00 Egri Ferenc Farkas Music School
Penitent Balassi - Tercina Ensemble show
contributor: artist Artúr Káldi

19:30 Cistercian Church
G. F. Handel: Te Deum - Concerto for Cantus Agriensis Choir
contributors: Kornélia Bakos, Zsuzsanna Faludi, Balázs Kolozsi, Márton Komáromi – vocals; "Camerata" Miskolc, artistic director: Gábor Soós
conductor: Péter Pál Gergely

Saturday, July 1

11:00 Archbishop's Court 
Matinee concert of the Egri Symphony Orchestra
conductor: Máté Szabó Sipos

18:00 Egri Ferenc Farkas Music School 
"Ama mooncú eljót" (Turkish traditional music) - performed by the Canlar Ensemble

19:00 Cistercian Church (parapet)
Tower music
Brass Ensemble of the Eger Symphony Orchestra, artistic director: László Gulyás

19:30 Széchenyi street (outdoor stage)
Summer music
contributors: Nóra Ducza, Anita Szajkó, László Jekl – vocals
Savaria Baroque Orchestra
conductor: Pál Németh

Sunday, July 2

17:00 Kopcsik Marzipania yard
Gluck: Le cadi dupé - comedy opera
Performance of the Budapest Chamber Opera

17:00 Noszvaj, De la Motte Castle
Musica Aulica Old Music Ensemble concert, artistic director: István Kovács

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!


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