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Zsóry Bath in Mezőkövesd


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You are waited by thermal water and experiences - Zsóry Bath

Zsóry Bath is situated in Mezőkövesd, a 22-km distance, a 30-minute drive  from Eger. Zsóry Bath is more than 75 years old, however, since 2013 it has had a medicinal place qualification as well. The sulphur content of the 60°C  water of Zsóry Bath is one of the highest in Hungary. The water declared medicinal water in 1968 is beneficial for rheumatic illnesses, arthritis and abrasions, to ease and cure various female problems and also for after-treatment of injuries, orthopedic operations.  Social Healthcare also supports various medical treatments: medical massage, weight bath, tangentor, mud-bath, tub-bath, carbon dioxid tub.

The refreshing water of the round pool is completed with a slide, whirl-corridor, water massage and wave pool.  While the children are plashing, the parents can try the wellness section: saunas, steam cabin, bubble bath; and medical- and refresning massage can also be taken. Besides the renewed swimming pool also an indoor adventure bath is available for families since 2017.

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