Puppet theater Harlekin


Phone (8:00-16:00) +36 (36) 310 151

The Puppet theatre is a special spot in the cultural offer of Eger. In the programme there are performances for adults as well besides children, eg. The Jungle Book, The Blue Bird and The Fiddle of the Poor Man.

The main play of 2017/2018 season is Peter Pan, or the Secret of Never-island that can be seen at 11 o'clock on Sunday in Harlekin Puppet Theatre. The play has two acts with music and spectacular puppets (the first act is about 40 min., the second is 60 min. long) The performance is recommended from 4 years on. 

You can book tickets on phone or on the internet, in both cases the tickets must be fetched half an hour before the performance, in case not or not notified to the Puppet Theatre the booking is cancelled.

The tickets are not to fix seats, everybody can take their place to their liking.


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