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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

By bike to the Fátyol (Veil) waterfall-cascades

The length of the tour is 11 km

Difficulty: easy 

Total ascent: 200 m

Departure from: Szilvásvárad Szalajka street. From Eger by coach 1 hour, by car about 40 minutes

If you do not go on your own bike it is worth renting one at the bike rental of Szilvásvárad -at the beginning of Szalajka street - where you can find well-tried specialized and cross bicycles.

Starting from Szilvásvárad you can get to Veil cascades on a tarmacked road, and you can follow a route of special forest atmosphere. All the family can do this trip since it is not difficult. The length of it is 8 kms to the waterfall if you do not want to go up the hills. The route is signed to see all the sights. 

During the bicycle tour you can see the Trout ponds where you can see the most wide-spread rainbow trout and brown trout. Not far from here the big games of the Bükk mountains can be seen: the most common muflon, deer and venison. The next sight to see is Szikla (Cliff) spring.The water bursting out here is the main source of Szalajka stream which is never frozen in winter.

On the way  can also be seen a memorial "The Guard of the Carpathians" set up for the memory of the ones guarding the mountain passes after the Hungarians having arrived in the Carpathian Basin. Those having the bicycle tour can have a stopover at the Open-air Forest Museum paying worthy tribute to people doing heavy forest work.

Having admired the Veil cascades, symbol of Bükk National Parks you can have a rest on Gloriette plateau which is a great venue for having picknick, playing, doing sports or heading for forest discoveries (eg. a cave of Prehistoric man).

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