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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Trip to the Hór valley

Hór-valley is one of the longest valleys in the country, it used to be a busy route in the Middle Ages. Traces of forest industry having the biggest tradition in the Bükk region can be found here: abandoned quarries, limestone firing pits of 5-8 metres diametre.          

The most popular sight of the valley is Suba-lyuk, the cave of Neandertal prehistoric man.The route should be planned in Bükk Southern Gate Visitors Centre.                        

Take a discovery tour to Cserépfalu!

In the village of 1100 inhabitants there are 6 rows of wine cellars with 200 wine cellars cut in the rhiolite tuff offering possibility to taste lots of great wines, eg.:Leányka, Riesling and Muscat Ottonel. It is worth walking along Ördögtorony (Devil Tower) study trail leading to a special shape bee hive stone tuff formation, the Devil Tower.

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