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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Riddle tour at Noszvaj

"Ancient springs spring up on the northern mountain of Noszvaj..."

The Forrástúra is 7.5 km long and covers 8 ancient springs on the former forest estate of the Gallasy family in Noszvaj. Each source has an interesting story, but to get to know them, we first have to decipher a poem! The key to the solution can be found in the sources.

Successful decipherers will receive a "Source tour completed" badge. Can the adventure begin?



Buy the Forrástúra map at the Tourinform office in Eger (Eger, Bajcsy-Zs. utca 9.)

Walk along the marked path Noszvaj and complete the poems by solving the puzzles

Take the completed form back to the Tourinform office, and if you decipher it correctly, the prize you deserve is already yours: the Forrástúra badge! 1 map comes with 1 badge.

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