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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Hiking up to Tar-kő

If you are not against more difficult tours, you should choose Tar-kő, one of the magestic edge cliffs of the Bükk mountains at the edge of the Bükk plateau. Being 950 m high it is the 11th highest hills of the country, part of National Blue-tour.     

Having overcome the total ascent you are awarded a breathtaking panorama from the top. You are waited by crystal clear air, scent of flowers and unspoilt nature

Details of the tour:

Eger – Szilvásvárad distance:     28 km

Depature from: Szilvásvárad

Tourist sign: green stripe then blue stripe 

Distance: 10 km

Total ascent: 800 m

Time needed for the tour: 3 hours  

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