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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

World War I memorial promenade

Promenade in memory of Eger soldiers who died in World War I

The World War itself is a huge trauma and senseless loss for humanity. The death of soldiers fighting in the war sealed the future and fate of families, or steered them in a different direction, and in many cases we cannot even fathom the consequences.

The parapet made of stones is a stable symbol of the cohesion and belonging of humanity, which also protects the person driving in the present from falling into the "deep" (stream). The nameless stones represent the deceased, of which the research highlighted and named 329 people. They are made visible by painting.

The interior wall painting ensures the reception and visibility of the work from the Esperantó promenade, thus the names create a feeling of "inaccessibility", also illustrating the distance of the past.

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