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Géza Gárdonyi Memorial House


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Where Stars of Eger (title of the English version: Eclipse of the Crescent Moon) novel was born

Géza Gárdonyi's house is open to the public even today.  Be a guest at the writer, experience the special atmosphere of the house and admire the big carved table where, besides many other novels, the world famous novel Stars of Eger (title of the English version: Eclipse of the Crescent Moon) was also born! Géza Gárdonyi lived in this house from 1897 to 1922.

The property, which used to be at the edge of the town at that time was love at first time for the writer, he felt at once that he wanted to live only here and he insisted to it. The admiration was mostly for the site, which is understandable if you stand in the garden and look around from there: next to you is the castle, below is the town and in the distance there are the peaks of the Mátra mountains.

When he purchased the house, Gárdonyi bought a neglected house which he altered gradually according to his needs. The author liked quiet and solitude, that is why his nickname was: the hermit of Eger. Gárdonyi soon bought the vineyard behind the house where he had a new house built for his family, and he himself stayed alone in the old house.

A peculiarity of the house is the glass roof in the study.

It is right above the desk and its purpose was to provide smooth, filtered light for Géza Gárdonyi to work. Once you are there have a glance at the impressive, ten thousand-volume book collection as well!

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