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Fazola gates

The famous Fazola Gates

When walking on Kossuth Lajos street you must see the wonderful Fazola Gates!  The richly ornamented entrance decorates the building of the County Hall standing at the crossroads of Kossuth- and Egészségház streets.

Already the gate opening to the street is worth mentioning, more exactly the richly decorated trelliswork, praising also the skills of Henrik Fazola. Do not be decieved by the official-like entrance, just go in the gateway. At the end of it on both sides you can see the richly decorated wrought iron gates. The gate on the right with coats of arms on the top has always been here, but the other one with grapes was taken from the second floor later so that anyone can admire it!

The two gates made in 1761 are among the best works of Rococo art with their fine 3 dimensional details. How many things can you discover on them? There are clusters of grapes hanging here, while flowers are growing at another place and at the third place a stork is standing holding a snake in its beak. Every symbol has a meaning, in the headquarters of the county it is worth thinking what the smiling figure in the middle if the gate could reflect to in the past?

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