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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Border Castle Warriors' square

It is a popular square of the local youth

Border-Castle Warriors'  Square is the newest one in Eger, it was inaugurated in 2015. The name is thanks to the statue depicting Hungarian and Turkish warriors, the work of Zsigmond Strobl Kisfaludy.

The exciting group of statues is just one of the attractions on the square, the other one is the steps on the bank of the stream. You can go as near as the stream crossing the town, if you want, you can even put your feet in the cool water coming straight from the Bükk mountains.   In summer the steps of the square are a popular venue for many, the special milieu is a nice setting for friendly talks or you can close the day here, switching off, listening to the sounds of the water, some meters below the surface of the town.

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