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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Calvary hill

The Calvary hill in Eger castle is the highest point within the fortification, from the top od which a breathtaking view opens up in front of us: below is the town, in the distance the peaks of Bükk mountains, in bright weather even Kékestető, the highest peak of Hungary can be seen. In summer, when the castle is open till late in the evening, the most wonderful sunset can be seen in Eger from here!

The history of the Calvary hill dates back as long as 1828. At this time archbishop Pyrker wanted to establish a pilgrimage place in Eger an element of it became the Calvary hill with the three crosses on the top. The hill really soon became the favourite place of pilgrims, which, thanks to its great panorama is sometimes referred to as the most decorative church of Eger.

A peculiarity is that originally there used to be the three corpora on the crosses, however, later they disappeared. The other peculiarity is the number of the stations. While the church acknowledges 14 stations, somehow in Eger there are only 7. The reason is not really clear, there are preconditions, that archbishop Pyrker wanted something individual - anyway, he has managed, in Eger you can see something special.

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