Concerts in the Wine-valley

Free concerts and excellent items every Saturday between 20. July and  17. August in the Wine district of Eger, in Szépasszony-valley

The wines can be tasted in the cellars with lilac flags and at the stand set up in the middle of the picnic park from 5 pm to 11 pm.

Concerts on the stage set up in the middle of the Valley: from 7 pm to 11 pm

Registration for the programme:

You can registrate at the bottom of the page and web site.
Those registrated can take part in the events, will get a wristband of 1.000,- HUF and gift sampling vouchers.

The registration is in Hungarian language, ask for the help of Tourinform office staff.

Ticket prices:

  • 1.990,-HUF - 5 item Classical summer tasting
  • 2.990,-HUF - 10 item Classical summer tasting
  • 2.490,-HUF - 4 item Superior tasting
  • 3.990,-HUF - 7 item Superior tasting

The price contains:

  • 1 individual glass with Eger wine district logo,
  • 1 wrist-band,
  • 1 itinerary (wine list) with wich you can take part in the wine tasting tour.
  • The wine tasting (half a dl per item) is in the cellars and/or at the stand set up in the middle of the Valley by giving one sampling voucher each time (The glass is included int he price but refundable, its price is 500 HUF)


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