Hungaricum picnic

Value / Tradition / Gastronomy

Egri Bikavér Hungaricum celebrating its second birthday has invited the well-known gastro-hungaricums to the biggest and one of the best known historical wine regions of Hungary. Cultural, gastronomical and natural values representing the top performance of Hungarians are introduced at the event. In the Street of Local Flavours gastronomical delicacies of Eger region can be tasted. The most famous gastrohungaricums at one place: Mutton Stew from Karcag, Fishsoup from Baja, Grey Cattle Goulash, Csabai Sausage, Beansoup with Paprika and Knuckle of Pork from Szeged, Boiled Millet with Goose Giblets, Gundel Pancake, Chimney Cake Street of Local Flavours: Strudel with Black Cherry of Szomolya, Salty Strudel with Cottage Cheese, Miller Sweet Crisps of Borsodnádasd, Puhi from Átány, Loveletter cake, Botratekercs soup, Greasy Mash of Wedding Parties, Rosehip Jam from Szarvaskő, Handcraft Cheese from Eger, delicacies with acacia honey

30. March. Saturday

  • 09.15 Hungaricum hiking to the stone-culture of the Foot of the Bükk Mountains (pre-registration is required) ( event )
  • 10.00 Street of Local Flavours
  • 11.00 Opening ceremony – ceremonial declaration of the Wine of the Castle and Wine of the Valley
  • 11.30 Agyagbanda Band
  • 12.00 tasting Gastrohungaricums
  • 13.00 Perpatvar - Hórihorgas Hujákolók – performance with giant puppets and stilts
  • 14.00 Archery - Egri Vitézlő Oskola association
  • 15.00 Góbé Band
  • 17.00 YESYES concert
  • 19.00 After in the cellars

31. March Sunday

  • 10.00 Street of Local Flavours
  • 11.00 Lúdas Matyi – children performance of Csodamalom Puppet Theatre
  • 11.00 Archery - Egri Vitézlő Oskola association
  • 12.00 Számadó Band
  • 12.00 tasting Gastrohungaricums

Whole-day programmes at the weekend

Gastrohungaricum and Bikavér wine tasting, Street of Local Flavours, Hungaricums from Fejér County, Game Park and Sample Treasury, Hungaricum exhibition, Agyagbanda Band and dance-house in front of the cellars. Bikavér tour and games in the cellars – itinerary is available at the Information Point

Tasting tickets to gastrohungaricums can be bought in Márai Centre and at the Information Point

Price: 1200 HUF

Hungaricum shuttle from Dobó square to Szépasszony-valley is on Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 and 12.00 am.

Entrance to the event is free.


The programmes are subject to change.

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